15th April ‘2018 BK Shivani

Bhagwat Geeta at Chennai


Chennai- Women’s Conference at Happy Village Retreat Centre

Women's Wing Guest at the Dias

This is conveyed loudly in the national conference conference was organized by Brahma
Kumaris on 17 th December 2017 at Happy Village Retreat Centre near Sunguvarchatram on
Chennai Bangalore Highway. Conference was conducted on the theme “Women’s Torch
Bearers of Value- Based Society”. One of the speaker even said Mahakavi Bharathi could
have written a poem on Brahma Kumaris and their service activities.

In a special address, Mrs. P.C. Thenmozhi, I.P.S., Deputy Inspector General of Police,
Kancheepuram indicated that when we lose our deity virtues, evil characters plays through
us. Women’s need to upgrade herself to a value added person.
Dr. G. Valli, Vice Chancellor, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal, emphasized
on focusing on the specialties because few Women’s takes wrong decision due to their lack
of knowledge on their specialties. But they need to understand their power of subtle mind
and use it.

Rajyogini B.K. Chakradhari, Chairperson, Women’s Wing, RERF shared in her special
address that both women and men get equal status through the knowledge of the spirituality.
Without education there cannot be equal status. People will follow when they see the attitude
of others. So Women’s should do always righteous acts.

Keynote address was given by Rajyogini B.K. Sharda, National Coordinator, Women’s Wing,
RERF. She told Women’s were worshipped and respected as Goddess and Motherland, but
as they lost their self-respect they lost their peace and prosperous. When they demonstrate
virtues like mercy, compassion, they will become torch bearers of the society.

Sister BK Beena, Service Coordinator, Tamilnadu Zone, explained about the organisation
and their socio-spiritual service activities for the past 80 years. She told Brahma Kumaris is
the only spiritual institution lead by Women. It has 400 branches in Tamilnadu and more than
10 lakh families are practicing Rajyoga Meditation.

Earlier the program was inaugurated with kuthuvilakku lighting by the special guests of the

In the conference, sister B.K. Swarnalakshmi gave a session on ‘Understanding the True
Self’. She told souls cannot be destroyed and natural quality of the soul is Peace.
B.K.Kalavathy, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Chennai welcomed the gathering in her welcome
B.K. Muthumani, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Chennai made everyone to taste the flavour of
meditation with her guided meditation.

Sister B.K. Uma, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Thiruvannamalai conducted a session on ‘Key to
Happiness’. She told that the happiness is our natural quality, we need to perform our
activities with happiness instead of searching for it.
Earlier the conference started with a song about praising Kaali by Music Director & Singer
S.J. Janani and a dance by Srekala Bharath Group, Chennai. BK Devi, Senior Rajyoga
Teacher, Chennai thanked everyone in her vote of thanks.
Panel Discussion on Harbingers of Peace
Mrs. Andal Priyadarshini, Head of Programmes, Doordarshan, Chennai, Mrs. Premila
Tamizhvanan, Gen. Secretary, Free Federation for Women, Puducherry, Mrs. Kavitha
Ramaswamy, Asst. Editor, The Hindu, Dr. D. Parimaladevi, Dean, CSI Medical College,
Kannyakumari, Dr. B.K. Savita, HQ Coordinator, Women’s wing, RERF, Mount Abu,
Rajasthan, Dr. B.K. Aditi, Management Trainer, New Delhi were part of the panel discussion.
Many interesting questions on women safety, values in family life, parenting were discussed.
The panel members shared their views based on their experience.


Chennai- ​National Jurists’ Conference on ‘Law and Spirituality’

This was communicated in loud and clear voice reflecting the opinion of the jurist community in a one-day


National Jurists’ Conference on ‘Law and Spirituality’ organized by Brahma Kumaris at Happy Village, Sunguvarchatram, Kancheepuram on 29th October 2017 attended by about 500 legal professionals. This was part of the three-day events for Jurists in chennai.  

B.K. Ashaji – Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre, New Delhi and National Coordinator, Admin. Service Wing gave the keynote address. She explained that human beings were in perfect harmony with nature, self and others. But then something went wrong.  They started considering themselves as ore wise.  The natural laws are broken.  But the Law of Karma will not fail.  All the cases in the court – genesis is one or the other of five vices – Lust, Anger, attachment , greed and ego.  There will be a time where we don’t require any court or law to govern the social.

Hon’ble Dr. Justice P. Jyothimani, Judicial Member of National Green Tribunal (Southern Bench, Chennai) was part of the panel in the inaugural programme.  In his speech he said Judicial is the only source of hope for the public for justice, they consider Judiciary as last resort.   Most powerful, any mistake may occur in the judicial system, justice system to rectify the same, it will take many years.  Infuse confidence in the judiciary in the mind of public is important.  Including judicial system, system of administration through spiritual. Because spiritually qualified person is fearful in doing something wrong. To take proper decision it will be helpful. The mind of the judge is important in providing justice because it has tome dealt with Equity apart from the law.

Hon’ble Justice V. Eswaraiah, Former Chair Person, National Commission for Backward Classes, Govt. of India Retd. acting chief justice, High Court of A.P, Hyderabad.  We have changed from civilized to uncivilized which is reverse for the foreign countries. We have forgotten our highest living system, therefore we have codified when kings are ruled, such as Civil, Criminal & etc.. No one follows the fundamental duties, but fighting for fundamental rights. We can cater the needs to public when we are in line with the principles of Brahma kumaris and the practice of Rajyoga meditation. Increasing number of courts and, judges will not solve the problems. The people need to be educated on the core values. Sharp intellect to be developed by those who are in Judicial profession.  Rajyoga practice will help in this as it deals only with the spiritual knowledge.

B.K.B.L. Maheswari, Chair Person, Jurist wing, R.E.R.F, Mount Abu, Senior Advocate, Raj. Highcourt, Jodhpur shared that there was a time when no compromise on values, now the it got changed. Imparting the values in our education system is important.

B.K.Pushpa, National Director, Jurist wing, R.E.R.F, New Delhi, Values can be obtained easily through the spiritual practice. The mind can become a servant through the Rajyoga practice.

Hon’ble Smt. Justice, Pushpa Sathyanarayana, Judge, Madras High Court, in her speech explained that No qualified teachers to take moral classes is one of the major reason for dropping the moral classes at schools. Insult given to yourself, when you see the others with their fault because you are seeing the others within you, in your eyes. Reading of books will not give wisdom, it has to be practiced. Mind has to be clear along with the guidance books in the Judicial profession. 

B.K. Lata R. Agarwal, National Coordinator, Jurist wing, R.E.R.F, Mount Abu, Rajasthan  while reading the “Declaration of the Conference” said that the spirituality means ‘I am a spirit’, all my values are working, I become a valuable soul.  She proposed the resolution and the participants accepted it by raising their hands

Earlier, BK. Beena, Service Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris Tamilnadu Zone explained about the evolution of Brahma Kumaris organisation from its beginning.

As a glimpse of meditation experience for developing a peaceful, happy and powerful mental state B.K. Muthumani, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, Adyar, Chennai guided the participants with her meditation session. The conference started with a session on ‘Peaceful mind and Blissful life’ by BK. Kavita. She explained the importance of maintaining and attaining a peaceful and happy mind for a better life through meditation.

Earlier, Formal inauguration of the Conference started with a devotional song from S.J. Janani, Music Director & Singer followed by a welcome dance by J. Jayalalitha Naatiyalaya students. And the guests were welcomed with bouquets and shawls. Senior Rajyoga Teacher Kalavathi gave welcome speech.  All the invited guests lightenedup the Kuththuvilakku for a formal inauguration.

The vote of thanks was given by Sister BK Devi, Senior Rajayoga Teacher, Ashok Nagar.  Brother BK Sundaresan coordinated the programme in a nice way.

​  ​

In the after-noon session there was a panel discussion by the renowned personalities of the field followed by the valedictory session.

Resolutions of the Conference:

1.   The delegates felt that the present judicial system performs better with value based approach when administering justice.

2.   The participants felt and realised that there is erosion of values in all section of the society in general and Jurist play an vital role in restoring social justice.

3.   Both jurisprudence and spiritual prudence(spirituality) have a common aim: the promotion of truth and justice and the reduction of crime.

4.   Value education along with the regular courses should be included in the curriculum of legal courses

5.   The participants felt that the society is fast moving towards criminalization, communalization and commercialization.   Therefore our society should give importance to value education and spiritual awareness on top priority.