Param Adharniya Ishu Dadiji’s Visit to Adyar, Chennai


It was really a blissful phenomenon for the Brahmin Family of Adyar Centre of our most beloved Param Adharniya Ishu Dadiji’s visit on 1.11.2019. The most awaited moments came into practicality on that day. The divine family had a jubilant time when she spent time with them for almost half a day. It was a joyful festival for the 800 B.K. brothers and sisters who had an unforgettable moment with Dadiji.

Initially there was a long Peace March to welcome and honor Dadiji. Dadiji was received in a grand manner at the entrance of Baba’s Home ‘Vaikund Lighthouse’ with Aarthi and Kalash. Dadiji was accompanied by Rajayogini Sr.B.K.Kavitha, Rajayogini Sis.BK.Beena, Rajayogini Sis.BK.Devi and other Madhuban Nivasis.

It was a collective, colorful, eventful day with lighting up of a giant size candle by Dadiji, Welcome Dance with Music, Experience sharing by Dadiji which will definitely be cherishable and imperishable in the memories of each and everyone.

Bhog offering to Baapdada was so divine with the presence of Dadiji and the senior brothers and sisters.

The highlight of the event was ‘Samman Samaroh’ to honour Dadiji which was commemorating the Satyug days. Not to mention that the Cake Cutting also added joy to the whole occasion.

The Princess Crown, the Farishta Costume, Golden Shawl, Flower Garland and Bouquet adorned our Poojyaniya Dadiji and would have felt that they themselves were beautified by Dadiji!